8.6 Blackout Brass (50 ct) Large Rifle Primer

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8.6 Blackout Brass Converted 6.5-SI

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Product Description

We are pleased to offer 8.6 blackout brass. We use factory new 6.5 creedmoor brass that has been converted to 8.6 blackout. Each case is inspected with a case gauge after our conversion process. 

We currently use either sig sauer 6.5 creedmoor brass. 

The brass is currently tested with 160gr, 185gr, 220 gr, 225gr and 285 gr, and 350gr .338 bullets. We use a 16 in faxon barrel on a remington 700 Short Action. 

Supersonic and Subsonic Rex Maker Bullets do not require neck turning.

*We average 4 to 6 reloads per brass case based on our internal testing/usage for supersonic unsuppressed*

Our conversion process is as follows:

Case is annealed
Case is sized up to 8.6 blkout(several steps)
Case is trimed to size
Case is chamfered inside and out
Case is wet tumbled
Final inspection


Depending on order volume please allow time for processing