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  • AK (and AR, bolt gun, etc.) lovers, your dream can is here! If wanting a unique and versatile combloc silencer, the dudes at Dead Air have you covered with the Wolverine PBS-1. Specifically designed for the Kalashnikov platform, the Wolverine offers impressive suppression in a distinct package.
    Industry giants Mike Pappas, Todd Magee, and Gary Hughes really pushed the limits of design with their Wolverine creation. The mounting system is one of a kind and offers the shooter unmatched flexibility with different threaded combloc hosts. Dead Air's Wolverine is definitely a sight for sore eyes for AK aficionados.


    A top incentive of owning a Wolverine is it utilizes user-changeable thread inserts, thus eliminating the need to purchase multiple silencers to fit varying threads of combloc rifles. The state-of-the-art stainless steel design also employs a brilliant crown interface and reverse-ratcheting locking collar, so the can fits as flush as possible on the AK rig. To that point, attachment is a breeze. Simply thread the Wolverine onto the barrel as far as allowed, then tighten the locking mechanism to the rifle. An indexing system within the collar engages the spring-loaded pins on the AK's front sight bases to provide unwavering stability to the setup. Including thread adapter, the durable Wolverine measures 7.4"; long and weighs between 19.8 ounces to 24.4 ounces (depending on chosen mount). These factors lead to a perfect balance of suppression and minimal back pressure, all while reducing the gassy AK system.


    • Full-auto/multi-rated (up to .300 Ultra Mag)
    • Weight: 19.8 ounces-24.4 ounces
    • Length: 7.4"(thread adapter)
    • Build materials: stainless steel (exterior); Stellite™; (baffles)
    • Finish: matte black Cerakote™;


    • Dead Air Wolverine Suppressor
    • User Manual