Energetic Armament Sonus 9mm

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Product Description

  • Introducing the all new Energetic Armament Sonus 9 Silencer. Made of 17-4 Stainless Steel that is heat treated to the H900 condition, this suppressor is a robust and reliable 9mm suppressor that weighs in at just 9.8 oz. The Sonus (Latin for Sound) comes with a removable 1/2x28 direct thread adapter and is also compatible with the industry standard 1.375x24 mounting systems. For 3-lug sub-guns, the Sonus works with all industry standard 3-lug mounts having the HUB pattern. The Sonus also readily accepts all industry standard booster assemblies with the HUB pattern for use on pistols. 

    This suppressor is rated for 9mm, 300BLK Super/Sub, 8.6BLK Sub, .38/.357 Mag, and 350 legend calibers with no barrel length restrictions (under 1000 degrees Farenheit) and full auto rated for 9mm. The end cap of the Sonus is removable and features a wipe holder as standard equipment. A high temperature rated silicone wipe provides ultra-quiet sound performance when using sub-sonic rounds. The wipe forms a seal to the exiting bullet to control gas flow and bring the ultimate quiet to your shot. The Sonus is quiet… really quiet… with low, even tone that gives your firearms the sound you want.

    The Energetic Armament Sonus 9 with it's new MetOx finish is sure to turn heads everywhere you go!


    • Length: 6.5"
    • Diameter: 1.5"
    • Weight: 9.8oz
    • Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
    • Finish: MetOx (Bronze)
    • Full Auto Rated 9mm!


    • Energetic Armament Sonus 9 Suppressor
    • 1/2x28 Direct Thread Adapter
    • Vox Blox Vise Block
    • EA Wrench Multi-Tool
    • Owner's Manual